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XXIV International Annual Meeting in Political Studies
Estoril Political Forum 2016

Democracy and its Enemies: New Threats, New Possibilities
in association with the International Forum for Democratic Studies, Washington, D.C.
June 27-29, 2016, Estoril, Palace Hotel

EPF2016 Group Photo Session

EPF2016 Group Photo Session


The title of this year's meeting is reminiscent of the famous book by Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, published in 1945. The book was an energetic defense of liberal democracy and Western civilization against its totalitarian enemies, both from the revolutionary left and the revolutionary right, communism and national-socialism.

This edition is inspired by the same commitment to liberal democracy and the West that inspired Popper's book more than 70 years ago. We will discuss and analyse the resurgence of authoritarianism around the world, following a persistent alert that is being issued by one of the main partners of the conference, the International Forum for Democratic Studies that publishes the distinguished quarterly Journal of Democracy. We will discuss and analyse how should the West and its multilateral institutions - first of all NATO and the European Union - respond to these new threats. And we will discuss also how these new threats and possibilities present themselves among the English-speaking, the Portuguese-speaking and the Spanish-speaking peoples.

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Opening Session: A Tribute To Maria Barroso - Carlos Carreiras, Maria da Glória Garcia, João Carlos Espada and Rita Seabra Brito
The Authoritarian Resurgence - Christopher Walker, Lilia Shevtsova and Sarah Cook
Faith And Liberty Lifetime Tribute - Father Roque de Aguiar Cabral
Winston Churchill Memorial Dinner - João Carlos Espada
Estoril Institute for Global Dialogue - Jorge Braga de Macedo
Luigi Einaudi Memorial Luncheon - Alberto Mingardi
Jan Karski's Statue Inauguration - Tzipora Rimon
Jan Karski Memorial Dinner - HE Bronislaw Misztal and Krzysztof Szczerski
The US-UK Special Relationship: Indispensable Partners In Defending Democracy - Dominic Burbidge
Adolfo Suarez Memorial Debate | Democracy And Its Enemies: Contemporary Challenges - José Miguel Sardica and Mauricio Rojas
George Washington Memorial Lunch | Marc F. Plattner
Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture | Free Speech: Ten Principles For A Connected World - João Carlos Espada





Palácio Estoril, Hotel Golf & Spa wins the Condé Nast Award - Best Hotel for Meetings

The IEP-UCP hereby congratulates and commends Palace Hotel, Estoril by Award Condé Nast - that distinguishes the best hotels in the world - for Best Hotel for meetings, confirming the high quality of service by consecutive annual editions carried out there -from June 2006- Estoril Political Forum.





Estoril Political Forum 2015

XXIII International Annual Meeting in Political Studies

800 years after Magna Carta: Law, Liberty and Power
June 16-18, Brussels & June 22-24, 2015, Estoril, Palace Hotel

EPF2015 Group Photo Session
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Openning Session - Pedro NortonJoão Carlos Espada and Rita Seabra Brito
Magna Carta Today - Anthony O'Hear
Round Table -
Clifford Orwin,   Danilo Petranovich
Raymond Aron Memorial Debate
- Nicolas Vaicbourdt
The Dahrendorf Memorial Lecture -
João Carlos Espada
After the Eastern Partnership Summit: Where are the Challenges?
- Daniel Johnson
Luigi Einaudi Memorial Lunch "
Freedom and Dynamism" - Sebastiano Bavetta
Jan Karski Momorial Event - Tzipora Rimon
200 Years After Waterloo
- José Miguel Sardica
Faith and Liberty  Lifetime Tribute - Alejandro Chafuen ; Manuel Braga da Cruz ; Mário Pinto and Father Lino Maia
Brazil: Challenges of an Emerging Power - Frederico Hilzendeger and Rodrigo Tellechea
Africa: The Rising Continent - Manuel de Araújo
Asia:Prospects for Democracy - José Manuel Féliz Ribeiro ; Eugénio Viassa Monteiro
George Washington Memorial Lunch "25th Anniverrsary of the Journal of Democracy" Marc F. Plattner



Reconsidering the Third Wave of Democratization: 
Forty Years of the Portuguese Revolution (1974);
Twenty-five Years After the Fall of Berlin Wall (1989)
June 23-25, 2014 - Palace Hotel, Estoril


Photo Gallery


Maria da Glória Garcia Welcome Address João Carlos Espada Welcome Address Rita Seabra Brito Welcome Address 
Adam Rotfeld Anthony O'Hear  Carlos Carreiras  Catherine Marshall  Constantin Ostermann von Roth Francisco Pinto Balsemão
Fernando Ulrich Kálmán Pócza Marc F. Platnner Nuno Vieira Matias Ricardo Heller Robert Sherman Zdzislaw Mach

Maria da Glória Garcia  Alejandro Chafuen Manuel Braga da Cruz Alexandre Soares dos Santos




Estoril Political Forum 2013
"Governance, Leadership and Democracy"
June 24-26, 2013
Hotel Palacio Estoril 


Papers: Allen Packwood Anthony O'Hear  Carlos Carreiras Gordon Wood João Carlos Espada João Ferreira do Amaral John O'Sullivan Manuel Braga da Cruz  Marc Plattner Michael Pinto-Duschinsky Pedro Norton Viriato Soromenho Marques Viriato Soromenho Marques (Power Point) 



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